The Forum was such a great opportunity to deepen my overall comprehension on cybersecurity issues. Speakers were all extraordinary and so were the participants. All the discussions were vivid and productive, which is not always the case in such conferences.
— Karine Pontbriand, Research Fellow, Research Group on Cyber Security and Cyber Diplomacy
Karine Pontbriand.png

Randall Sylvertooth.png
The experience gained from attending the Forum was indispensable and highly effective in understanding and mitigating the overall and ever-emerging cybersecurity threat landscape!
— Randall Sylvertooth, Cyber Threat Intelligence Liaison Officer, U.S. Department of Energy

The Forum brings together thought leaders from government, industry, law firms and universities to envision the future of cybersecurity and share groundbreaking ideas in a beautiful and inspiring place.
— Kate O'Leary, Global Executive Litigation Counsel, General Electric
Kate O'Leary.png

Tracey Brand-Sanders.png
I believe Yale has laid the foundation for the bridge between law, technology and business through presenting thoughtful cybersecurity topics. Relevant material was presented that raised the right dialogue that is needed to start closing the gap. As the conversations continue beyond the forum, I look forward to engaging in the dialogue to bridge the divide.
— Tracey Brand-Sanders, Director & Business Information Security Officer, Prudential

The Forum provides an opportunity for a diverse set of thought leaders and practitioners to come together and address an integration that has always existed but is hard to understand and historically left alone. Interactions I experienced resulted in new contacts and ideas but, even more importantly, provided me the impetus to think more strategically in addressing management of cybersecurity upon returning to the fray.
— Peter Warner, Information Security Site Manager, Sandia National Laboratories
Peter Warner (1).png

Robert Taylor.png
An excellent program with superb support, and colleagues (both the faculty and fellow participants) who know their stuff and are interesting and creative. I highly recommend this program for those who want to deepen their understanding and who want to make contacts with high quality peers.
— Robert Taylor, Visiting Scholar, Harvard Law School

The Forum was an extremely valuable experience! The program was formatted in a way that brought legal counsel and technologists together to interact in a way that is somewhat atypical in everyday practice. This forum provided a solid link between two professions that were previously thought to be completely separate, and valuable insight from both a technical and regulatory perspective.
— Courtney Toth, Information Security Specialist, WVU Physicians of Charleston
Courtney Toth.png

The Forum was a tremendous opportunity, both to learn from speakers who are at the cutting edge of their disciplines, as well as to meet and exchange ideas with other participants from a broad cross-section of public and private sector organizations.
— John Albright, Attorney, Axiom Global

The Forum brought together a diverse group of stakeholders with deep expertise resulting in a focused discussion of the issues, challenges, and solutions in this complex space. Outstanding!
— Nancy Sumption, Global Cybersecurity Counsel, Medtronic