The forum will be organized around modules that each provide in-depth topical study, and will bring together a diverse set of professionals working on the leading edge of cyber security. Topics will include:

The Technical Threat Landscape
What does the cyber threat landscape look like today?  Where are threats coming from? What are the motivations of the actors behind these threats? How do the varying motivations affect the nature of the threats and the available responses?

The Regulatory and Legal Landscape: What Law Governs?
What is the international and domestic legal landscape for cyber threats?  What tools do private actors have at their disposal and what legal obligations must they bear in mind as they act in this arena? 

The Challenges Posed by the Divide
Experts from various perspectives will discuss the central challenges that they have encountered in bridging the technical/legal/policy divide in cyber—the pitfalls they have encountered, the lessons they have learned.

Making Decisions About Cyber Security in a World of Uncertainty
Discuss (1) long-term risk management through investments; (2) mid-term risk management through programming; and (3) short-term crisis management when an attack is underway—who to call and what steps to take to minimize harm.